100% Genuine Flower seeds chrysanthemum seeds four seasons plant seeds for home garden – 200pcs mixed seeds

100% Genuine Flower seeds chrysanthemum seeds four seasons plant seeds for home garden – 200pcs mixed seeds

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100% Genuine Flower seeds chrysanthemum seeds four seasons plant seeds for home garden – 200pcs mixed seeds

Brief introduction Chrysanthemum cut flower production in the world, occupies an important position , is one of the world\\\’s four major cut flowers , cut flowers production in the first four ( Qulian Wei ) , cut flowers and tidy requirements , flower diameter 7-12cm, bright colors , no pest infestation , dark green leaves , stems , straight , high 80cm above water for a long period . Cut Chrysanthemum can be planted , spacing 12-13cm, spaced about 15cm. Up to 50 per square meter , the need to set up network support, in order to maintain the plant upright. Daisy and inhibition may contribute to the cultivation , long season of sunshine a day, 17:00 to 9:00 the next morning shading, sunlight 10 hours a day , to stop when the buds are now color shading can be early flowering . Short day season length control 14 hours of sunshine a day , you can control differentiation, delay for taking the time . The same as the national flower of Japan and cherry . Aliases Nine flower girl China Nissei Festival China Zhu win prolong life off Trillium passenger Yin Wei Shou -off rehabilitated gold Rui Zhou Ying Huang Rui smile Jinjia Ju ( chamomile alias ) Jin Jing ( camomile nickname ) Fu sickness poultry China May flowers ( white chrysanthemums nickname ) official kind Huang ( Pothos Ju synonym ) Jiangxi December , also known as " Jiangxi wax" Plant Introduction Morphology Chrysanthemum (Dendranthemamorifolium) Asteraceae genus cultivated plants are bred by artificial selection of rare long ornamental flowers , also known as Yi Ju , also known as Bao Ju . Reached more than 1,000 varieties of species. Perennial herb . Height 20-200cm, usually 30-90 cm . Stem color light green or brown , in addition to the cliff outside chrysanthemum mostly upright branching, semi- woody base . Leaves alternate , oval to oblong , notched and serrated edges . Capitulum or axillary , one or several flower clusters . Ray florets of female flowers , tubular flowers are hermaphrodite flowers . Ray florets into flat , spoons, pipes, abnormal four rich colors , red, yellow, white, ink , purple, green , orange , pink , brown , lilac , light green and so on. Tubular flowers develop into a variety of colors , " Anemone flap " , colored red, yellow , white, purple, green , pink, multi-color , between color shades . Inflorescence size and shape are different, are ill , have petals ; has flat , spherical ; has long Xu, Xu short , there are flat and volume floc floc ; hollow and solid ; has a straight and sagging , Shape many varieties complicated. According flowering sooner or later , there are early chrysanthemums ( opening in September ) , autumn chrysanthemum ( October-November ) , the late Daisy ( December-January ) August chrysanthemum , July chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum May . According to differentiate flower diameter size , flower diameter of 10 cm above the said large chrysanthemum flower diameter 10-6 cm for the chrysanthemum flower diameter of 6 cm below is Cindy . According valve type can be divided into flat petals , pipe flap, flap key categories over ten types. Species classification Due to open in late autumn chrysanthemums and flavor it with the " brilliant night ", " Lengxiang " Blair said . Category: Asteraceae, chrysanthemum white chrysanthemum Asteraceae sometimes make all varieties of flowers in general. Asteraceae is the largest seed plant families, the total number of 25,000 to 30,000 kinds , and its flowers are many types , second only to orchids. Genus has more than 30 species, 17 kinds of Chinese origin , are: Chrysanthemum , Mao Huaju , chamomile, red daisy , purple chrysanthemum , chrysanthemum brain. Place of origin Genus has more than 30 species, 17 kinds of Chinese origin , are: Chrysanthemum , Mao Huaju , chamomile, red daisy , purple chrysanthemum , chrysanthemum brain. In Zhejiang, Anhui , Henan, Sichuan and other places have produced . Zhejiang Tongxiang Chrysanthemum and the foot of Huangshan , Huangshan Gongju ( Huizhou Gongju ) more famous . Bo Ju Bozhou in Anhui , Chuzhou Chu Ju , Ju Chuan Jiang Sichuan , Zhejiang Deqing German Ju , Henan Jiyuan pregnant Daisy ( one of four pregnant drug ) has a high efficacy. Habits Is a perennial herb. Hi cool , more cold , optimum growth temperature 18-21 underground rhizomes drought, waterlogging very sensitive , hi high altitude , deep soil, rich in humus , loose and fertile , well-drained loam. In slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil Jieneng growth . The best in Ph6.2-6.7 . Short -day plants , at 14.5 hours a day in long-day vegetative growth , more than 12 hours of darkness each day and night temperature of 10 for flower bud development . Propagation and cultivation Multiplication Chrysanthemum cuttings breeding methods , division , grafting and tissue culture . ( 1 ) can be divided into bud cuttings inserted , insert twigs , buds plug . Bud plug, cut the plants in winter foot bud cuttings . Bud was selected from a standard far higher than the plant pink chrysanthemums , plump bud . Remove the lower leaves , by spacing 3-4 cm, 4-5 cm spacing , inserted in pots in the greenhouse or shed or slotting , maintaining the 7-8 ambient temperature , after the arrival of spring planted outdoors. Twig inserted , this method is the most widely used , more than the April-May cuttings , twigs interception as cuttings 8-10 cm , at a temperature of 18-21 , and about three weeks to take root, can be planted about four weeks . Open field slotting , medium to prime sand as well, the bed should be shaded . Spray slotting full light without shade. Buds plug, a clipping from the branches with leaf cuttings axillary buds , this method is used only for breeding rare species . ( 2 ) Ramets generally before Qingming , the plants were dug up , according to the natural form of the root with roots apart, another planting pot. ( 3 ) In order to grafted chrysanthemum strong growth to make "ten Cheung Kam " or Dali chrysanthemum , or Artemisia annua available yellow rootstock for grafting . Artemisia species of autumn and winter sowing in the greenhouse or nursery hotbed Between March , April or late planting pot height shift in the field 3-4 cm ,5- June split between pick a sunny day . ( 4 ) tissue culture propagation by tissue culture techniques chrysanthemums have breed rapidly , the advantages of a large seedlings , detoxification and maintain the breed characteristics. Basic medium for the MS, the additional amount of plant hormones , pH5.8. Chrysanthemum shoot tips , stems or buds as explants , seeded and cut into small pieces 0.5 cm . Culture Room temperature is 25 Illuminated 8 hours per day , 3000-4000 lux light intensity . After 1-2 months of training, can be induced into seedlings. Chrysanthemum cultivation ( 1 ) potted potted chrysanthemum chrysanthemum cultivation and management can be broadly grouped into three ways. Some root cultivation method Yangtze River, Pearl River and Southwest and more this method. That May cuttings . The basin in June , early August to stop topping, September strengthen fertilizer management , and promote their growth , 10- November flowering. Around potted chrysanthemum different methods , mainly in the following five categories: the cuttings after the pots, the advantages of this method is less root damage , color positive , long flowering period , but more laborious ; tube to planting pots on tile , cutting seedlings planted in three tile tile surrounded barrel cultivation, when the basin to be dug bud color. This method than the former provincial workers , but easily hurt when digging seedlings roots, flowering and flower quality than the former ; ground cover planting pots law on Takakuro cutting seedling planting , early July put a large hole basin , so that seedlings from the pot -hole stretch out , plus graded soil, underground roots while now tackles color ; pot grafting between March Artemisia sterile seedling planting , grafting between May daisy on Artemisia seedlings, cuttings on the future management of the basin with the law , this method breeding , robust plants , flowers large and flowering earlier , but more of work, ground cover planting pots grafting method, good fertility between March annua seedlings planted in furrows between May grafted bud now color shift when people basins the . The advantages are easy to manage , robust planting plants , flowers are great. The disadvantage is that the heavier root injury . Sec root cultivation method used this method in the Northeast , in Jiangxi, Hunan and other places are also applied. In a June 5 stalk plug, seedling survival after the basin , add soil to a depth of 1/3-1/2 basin . Late July to early August to stop topping . Subject to the basin along the lateral branches grow , adjust the height of the plants with a plate of French sticks and branches to be fixed, so that a uniform distribution , plus the upper cover plate pressure branches that will soon give birth to the roots . When the shoots grow to a certain height , the branches can be adjusted once again dish , then add a little loam . Using this method , chrysanthemum shape neat appearance, short plant leaves plump , robust branches , flowers large , long flowering period . Because of disk branches and roots , so called root cultivation method , Sec . Three sections of root cultivation method of cultivation methods commonly used in North China . From winter flowering stalk inserted into the following year in November , takes one year. Beijing Yi Ju masters summed up the following four stages, namely winter storage, Qiumodongchu election robust foot bud cuttings raising seedlings ; spring planting , seedlings in mid- April of the basin , with the common leaf mold , without fertilizer pots , summer fixed , topping promote the use of foot bud growth , to mid- July to shoot unearthed feet about 10 cm , the selected sound development , plump bud seedlings Huanpen planting, raising the autumn , in mid- July, the seedlings will be selected 20 moved into a 24 cm diameter pots basin plus 0.5% superphosphate with ordinary potting . The small pots of soil lump Kikunae even poured to the center planting sprouts and cut off the excess tiller buds , add soil to a depth of compaction original seedlings . After Huanpen , while the growth of new plants and the mother plant , the new strains have been developed to be robust , the old strains of the soil surface flush cut . Cut off the loose after the female parent , who filled the common culture , and add 20% to 30% of the decomposed compost . At this time there are 80% full of pot loam , one week after the third birth of new roots , roots form a powerful new youngest segment , the entire cultivation process , Huanpen 1, filling two times , three times the plant roots . ( 2 ) cultivation and management style chrysanthemum daisy upcoming artistic process , constitute a particular type.



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